Channeling Alex Jones? Nope.

Those familiar with the Star Trek franchise will recognize the phrase “My mind to your mind… my thoughts to your thoughts…”

Due to some technical difficult difficulties all around, Holy Crap the Vlogcast was late getting started, and I was even later being able to join the Google+ Hangout, and missed the first few minutes of the show. Thanks, Obama.

The topic of Conspiracy Theories came up, and Shujin isn’t one, but feels he has crossed over into that territory because things he has stumbled across is adding up when he puts the dots together. Josef says that it isn’t Conspiracy Theory when it is a fact, and it’s fact. Both of these men are level headed, intelligent, common-sense people I look up to, and I’m a little apprehensive about going back to see the video after it’s been to post. I’m already more than a little paranoid, you see…

As of today, Donald Trump is polling at 43% in the state of Georgia, and he is leading by a huge margin in general – excuse me, I meant yuuuuuge. In what world, other than the world of Idiocracy, is this even possible this close to the first primaries? Granted, the GOP clown car is packed with horrible candidates this time, but really??? Even my therapist is scared shitless.

There are only 2 viable candidates on the Democratic side, and the one who is polling the highest brings out a visceral hatred in so many people. I’m terrified we’ll end up with President Trump, and the thought of this is scary as hell to not only my friends in the US, but ones in Canada who are too damn close to us, friends in the UK, France, and pretty much everyone else who is capable of rational thought. It’s a damn good thing my psychiatrist is generous with the Ativan! Yes, I’m hoarding the stuff. No, I’m not sharing. At least the 2016 elections give Mike-the-Therapist and me a lot of fodder to discuss in our weekly sessions.

Shujin, Heretic Woman, and my political stances are quite different from one another’s, but on this, we are in complete agreement. This is some scary shit, and the grown-ups have left the building. If we do wind up with a Trump or worse, a Cruz presidency, I’m leaving the building, too. Please turn out the lights behind me, kthx. I won’t let the door hit me in the ass on the way out. Promise.

Different eyes see different things
Different hearts
Beat on different strings
But there are times
For you and me
When all such things agree

Different Strings – Rush


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