Going Out on Top


Yesterday the percussionist from the Holy Triumvirate announced he was putting away the drum sticks and retiring; tendinitis has finally gotten to him enough that he’s not willing to fight it anymore. I admit my heart broke just a little from the news for entirely selfish reasons. It means no more music tours from the guys I’ve listened to while forming bonds with others over beers and lyric sheets over the last 36 years (they’ve been around for 41 years but I was late to the party), no more new albums to critique with old friends, no more live shows. No chance for a meet and greet, or no opportunity to tell the guys how some of their music got me through some of the darkest times of my life, or how my daughter and I have sung songs from their older albums together in the car on the way to one of their shows. The next time they speak to Donna Halper, I’ve asked her to pass the message along a thank you for us, and she says gets that quite a bit. I’ve already thanked her, for without her, they wouldn’t have gotten where they are now.

“Sadder still to watch it die
Than never to have known it”

Losing It – Rush


The first time I heard The Garden, I had a sneaky suspicion that this last song on the last album was actually your swan song, and that if it was, it was the perfect way to end it. It was beautiful, and the strings were well done. Rush had never used actual strings before, but it added so much. The tour was an abbreviated tour with no European dates, and I’m so fortunate to have gotten to see them not just once, but twice on this last one. The set list was perfect for die-hard fans, and the guys played as hard and as well as they ever did – if not better. They tried to tell us in different ways that this was probably it for them, but we weren’t listening.

Guys, you did well and you’ve earned your retirement. Thanks for 41 years of hard work that meant something to your small but loyal fan base. We will still miss you and those amazing bass riffs and drum fills. Geddy’s voice? Maybe not so much *smile* To Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, and Neil Peart, you’ve done well and you’re going out while you’re still selling out arenas, and wait until you were reduced to doing casinos circuits or auditoriums like so many others who should have stopped a long time ago.

The last time I saw Michael Jace Dabbs, the guy who introduced me to this band when we were both 12, we were complaining about how muddy and compressed the production was on their Vapor Trails CD after he saw it on the floorboard of my car. He died 6 years ago and never got to see it remastered, but I think he would have approved. He would understand why I’m a little bummed out about people stepping down that I’ve never even met. Mike got them, and got me. I sure miss him, and I’ll miss Rush. Dammitsomuch.

“All the highlights of that headlong flight
Holding on with all my might
To what I felt back then
I wish that I could live it all again”

Headlong Flight – Rush

Rush-HeadlongFlight (1)

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