Sleep Eludes Me

I’m doing my best to keep from freaking out, but our sister company went $40 million in the whole last year, and the Dept of Insurance was brought in to try and make payments and handle the debts.

While I am so grateful we never did a full merger with them, we are all afraid that when they crash and burn, my company will go down with them. We find out closer to the end of the year. I HATE not knowing – it makes me anxious and stabby.

On the edge of sleep,
I was drifting for half the night
Anxious and restless,
pressed down by the darkness
Bound up and wound up so tight
So many decisions, a million revisions
Caught between darkness and light…


It’s really hard to plan ahead, unless one know what one is planning for, you know what I mean? Between my employment situation and waiting to see what November 2016 will bring, I have quite a bit of turmoil in my brain. Ick.

Wilderness of mirrors
So easy to deceive
My precious sense of rightness
Is sometimes so naive
So that which I imagine
Is that which I believe


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