All those wounds that I can’t get unwound

Another cocktail of meds, another week of therapy. Even after so much time has passed, I still have a lot of “issues” I need to work through, and it’s a long, slow slog.

Mike the Therapist says that some of what I feel like I need to work on may not have an answer and may not get better – I’ll have to  learn to co-exist with things in my past that I’ve been trying to work through.

Not very encouraging, is it?

In other news, the cocktail my Pdoc has me on makes me blow up like a balloon, and I don’t have another appointment with him until next week. The meds *do* help me get out of bed, get off my ass, and do productive things, but I’ll be looking like a blimp by Xmas if this keeps up.

Depression and Bipolar II are tons of fun for the whole family, eh?


all my nerves are naked wires
tender to the touch
sometimes super-sensitive
but who can care too much? 
– I get this feeling

Scars of pleasure
Scars of pain
Atmospheric changes
Make them sensitive again

each emotional injury
leaves behind its mark
sometimes they come tumbling out
like shadows in the dark 
– I get this feeling

Scars –scarsofpleasure Rush – Presto

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