Dear Duggars …. Sincerely, Me

Not much more to add here that hasn’t been said.

Musings of a Single Mom With Issues

Sometimes, a news story rocks you to your core. In my case, the Duggar sex abuse scandal this week has awakened a dragon inside of me. If you have been living under a rock, feel free to indulge yourself in the scandal before reading my response to it:

As someone who grew up in the Duggars’ world and knows how it works, I felt that my statement needed to be shared publicly, because not enough news casters or bloggers out there are addressing the real issues at hand.

This post is not funny or entertaining in any way. My humor and wit is on hold until the dragon is tamed.


Dear Josh Duggar,
You did not make a mistake when you were 14. You committed a crime. Sin is not always just sin. When you victimize others, specifically children, it is simply unacceptable. Intentionally sneaking into a sleeping girl’s bedroom…

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